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These are made from wheat flour from which the bran and germ layers have been removed, producing a light-coloured flour. These breads contain half the magnesium found in wholemeal bread and are made in different forms – sandwich loaf, hamburger bun, baguette –and with everyone in mind from ages 2 – 92!

Ingredients: strong white (wheat) flour, salt, margarine, vegetable oil, yeast.

Sandwich Loaf (Family Size)

Le 6,000

Hamburger Bun (Plain)

Le 1,000

Sandwich Loaf (Half size)

Le 3,000

Big Fresh with Beni Seeds

Le 2,500

Small Fresh

Le 1,000

An easy breakfast treat, our sweet bread will add an especially sweet note to your morning meal. With a sugar-glazed crust and oh-so-tender centre, it couldn’t be more delicious. Gather the family and break bread in style.

Ingredients: Margarine, strong white (wheat) flour, vegetable oil, sugar, pinch of salt, yeast.

Sweet Loaf

Le 4,000

Small Sweet

Le 1,000

Available on Saturdays only or by special order. Our sweet buttery Dinner Rolls are soft rolls that have a delicious melt-in-your-mouth texture. Heat it and enjoy it as a delicious side to a plate of roast chicken or beef, or a hot cup of pepper soup. These rolls are perfect for dinner parties and are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Our pillowy Beni Burger buns are an oversized version of the dinner roll, with a sprinkling of heart-healthy beni seeds and are perfectly sized for your deluxe hamburgers or cheeseburger sandwiches!

Ingredients: Margarine, milk, strong white (wheat) flour, sugar, yeast.

Like our Dinner Rolls, Butter bread is a sweet, soft plaited-bread with copious amounts of butter as its name implies. Enjoy it by itself.  No filling or accompaniment required.

Ingredients:  Margarine, milk, strong white (wheat) flour, sugar, yeast.

Dinner Rolls (Pack of 10)

Le 8,000

Beni Burger (Pack of 2)

Le 3,000

Butter Bread

Le 4,000

Brown bread (otherwise known as Wheat or Wholemeal Bread in some regions) contains more fibre than white bread. It can help reduce the risk of certain health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and it is also good for digestive health.

Ingredients: Wholemeal flour, strong white (wheat) flour, pinch of sugar and salt, margarine, vegetable oil, yeast.

Brown/Wholemeal Loaf

Le 5,000

Brown Rolls (Pack of 3)

Le 5,000

Bread with Moringa leaves contain a rich combination of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and protein, powerful antioxidants, amino acids and fibre.  Beyond the flavour and nutrition, Moringa offers several healing benefits, including fighting diabetes, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, to a list a few.

Ingredients: Dried and crushed Moringa leaves, strong white (wheat) flour, pinch of sugar and salt, margarine, yeast.

Moringa Loaf

Le 5,000

Moringa Rolls (Pack of 3)

Le 5,000

The perfect energy boosting snack for everyone, from busy families to the everyday athlete. Malt bread keeps well and is delicious served buttered.

Ingredients: Liquid malt extract, black treacle, golden syrup, currants, strong white (wheat) flour, yeast, salt & margarine.

Malt Bread

Le 12,000

Malt Rolls (Pack of 2)

Le 5,000

Jute Bag

Le 50,000

Metallic Bag

Le 10,000


Le 40,000

Full Set

Le 90,000